Simple Natural Beauty

I believe excellent photography starts with a SIMPLE and clear approach to posing. It continues by taking steps to create a NATURAL and relaxed atmosphere for your subject and culminates in capturing their own unique BEAUTY.

I fell in love with photography by taking photos of my little siblings. Being the oldest of seven there was always someone to photograph. As I continued in pursuit of photography I realized why it is so absolutely necessary for me to follow this career. I see each portrait as a preservation and recognition of the importance of that person’s life. Whether it be a 1st birthday party, a family portrait session, wedding, etc. I truly believe there is a duty to capture those moments that are gone so quickly.

Today I see pictures of my siblings with gummy smiles and princess dress ups and remember that back then those times seemed so ordinary and small. In retrospect I understand how beautiful their and growth can be and how imperative it is that someone should remember and cherish it.

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